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1-1 training with a program tailored to your needs, taught via Zoom. As you will be training from home, equipment recommendations will be provided to further your results, such as weights and mats.

Chris Collins personal fitness trainer and virtual coach

How do you track results?

Every session is recorded so we can check how you performed in comparison to your last session. 

Over the course of 1 – 3 months we can look back at what you achieved in the 1st session and compare it to the weight, sets and reps of the final sessions which give us a clear idea of the improvement you have made! 

We can also check your weight and measurements monthly to ensure we stay on track and continue to progress, and take before and after pictures if this is something that you feel comfortable doing.

Can you travel to me for a PT session?

I can just as long it’s less than a 60 minute round trip. An additional charge will be applied dependant on travel time;


Less than 45 mins round trip


45 – 60 minute 
round trip

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what rebecca says:

I have been training with Chris at WellFit for over a year now and the training sessions have been great. I’m always pushed much harder than I would work on my own, but never too hard, and I’ve seen definite results.

Chris mixes up the exercises so I don’t get bored and don’t get used to anything. He’s also careful always to explain and demonstrate each exercise so that I’m maximising their effectiveness of the movement.

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